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mapi & exchange


i wanna write a little Program in Borland Delphi 5 wich schould connect to
my MS Exchange Server and read out my profiles Calendar for the actual day
into a listbox or grid.

1. how can i connect to exchange
2. how can i connect to a specific folder (f.e. calendar)
3. how can i read the items wich are stored in those foldes


Yavuz Bogazci


Re:mapi & exchange

I can see your post on my ISP's copy of the
borland.public.delphi.oleautomation newsgroup,
but it hasn't been sent to Borland's news server.
That means that most of the people who read
b.p.d.o cannot see your post.

To post messages that other people will see, you
need to connect to Borland's servers directly:
either or
Here's a link with instructions if you don't know how:

If you cannot connect directly to newsgroups because
of a firewall, you can post to Borland's newsgroups
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