ADO/OLE DB/MIDAS Multi-Tier/Client/Server applications in Delphi-5 for SQL-Server

Dear Sirs,

  a.. If you are looking to build multi-tier or client/server applications for MS-SQL-Server in Delphi 5
  b.. If you want to use ADO/OLE DB native connection instead of BDE
  c.. If you are hate to work with a hundreds master/details datasets in your datamodules and prefer to use nested tables instead
  d.. If your programmers prepared too hi estimate for your new project  
Do not hesitate to contact me any time! I will:
  a.. design relational structure of your database
  b.. create database with necessary stored procedures, views, diagrams
  c.. design application server and client application in Delphi using ADO/OLE DB connection
  d.. teach your programmers how to build MIDAS solution
  e.. seriously cut estimation of your project
 You can find me here:
or just reply on this message.

Sincerely yours,

Vitaliy Fursov