Problem update oracle CLOB in cached updates


When using a cached-updates query that contains oracle clob (or blob)
field(s) it is not possible to commit more than one changed/added record in
the commit within a transaction.

Commit one record per transaction works fine, but when trying to commit more
than one changed record will commit only the first.

It seems that this will corrupt the session, even after a refresh it is not
possible to commit anything.

Using a clientdataset with a provider as an alternative for cached updates
gives the same problem, the generated SQL statements are correct.

We are using BDE 5.1.1 with oracle 8.1.5 and BDE 5.1.1 with SQLORA8.DLL from
5.1.0 on oracle 8.1.6 (to avoid {*word*99}py empty varchar's).

Does anyone have any suggestion how to fix this?

Using BDE alternatives or OCI components is not an option at this moment.