Database component crashes Delphi at designtime - help required

We created some components based/inherited from the Adonis Component Suite
to add some functionality we needed.  These are ADO database components.
Our Database component works fine, however, our DataSet components crash.
These worked fine in Delphi 4. Once our components were recompiled in Delphi
5 they crash Delphi with an access violation whatever form they are used on.
Just simply putting the component on a form causes the access violation.
The regular Adonis components work fine in D5.  And the program compiles and
seems to execute fine, so this seems to be simply a designtime issue.  It is
just when a form with one of our components is viewed at designtime when the
crash occurs.  We have tried taking out code but the problem persists.  The
person who originally created the components no longer works for us, so we
are at a loss in how to fix/debug this problem and move our programs from D4
to D5.

Any help or suggestion of a software solution that could help us would be

- Dave A. Law