Edit a Message Received

2005-06-23 12:45:55 AM
I need to edit a received message .msg to remove attachement and replace it
by a link.
The probleme is when i save the .msg, if it was in HTML format i lose it for
text plain.
If i do the same think but manualy, directely in Outlook, i need to go in
menu "EDIT" and select "Edit Message".
I also know that in the .msg there is an Body and HTMLBody, but if i change
the HTMLBody and SaveAs, there is nothing in my msg.
And to finish, when i SaveAs the .msg is now mark as no send. I dont want
Someone have an idea to edit a message ?
Thanks in advance
OutlookApplication1 : TOutlookApplication;
AMailItem : _MailItem;
// Obtain informations about MSG
AMailItem := (OutlookApplication1.CreateItemFromTemplate(MyMsg.msg) as
// Delete Attachements with a loop
//Replace the BODY, where sAttachements = string of path of attachements
AMailItem.Body := 'File attachement:' + Chr(13) + sAttachements + Chr(13) +
//Save modification, if i use the Save() Method it don't save.. i dont know
why.. So the SaveAs work at half.. i lose HTML format
AMailItem.SaveAs('MyNewMsg.msg', olMsg);