Error in Borland Delphi 7 (Devrace Athlant)

2007-03-19 08:47:57 PM
Dear Sirs!
When developing a product for integration of Borland Delphi 7 (Devrace
Athlant, an expert for Delpho/C++ Builder integration into the IDE) we
get the problem:
When our integration expert Devrace Athlant (
needs to reload any modules open in the IDE, we use the following
(BorlandIDEServices as IOTAActionServices).ReloadFile(fileName).
In most cases this method works well, but sometimes we get the error:
"Error Creating Form: Module <....>has open descendents or linked Modules.
Cannot load"
It occurs when the reloaded module has links to datamodules, included into
the project, but which are not open in the IDE when being
reloaded. If datamodules mentioned in the Uses block are open, the error
does not occur.
Is there any way to avoid this problem? This error appears from time to
time, not every Athlant user has it, but those customers of us who
have it, are very annoyed. Can you please help us with this? Thank you!
Devrace - software for developers!
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