C++Builder, BDE, ODBC, ADABAS D, problems when setting the IndexName property

when establishing a connection via BDE and ODBC to an ADABAS D database on a
Linux server I encounter the following two problems:
1. Sometimes I cannot see the indexes in the TTable->IndexName -
property-list, sometimes I do. This behavior cannot be reproduced. Each
table in the database can be concerned. When starting the Database Explorer
in the IDE the same problem occures. The indexes I cannot see in the object
inspector are visible in the Database Explorer and vice versa. Starting the
Database Explorer as another instance from the Windows Menu bar produces the
following result: All indexes of all tables in the database are visible.
2. During program devolopment in the IDE I can toggle the indexes (when they
are visible in the object inspector), and the table rows are shown in a
DBGrid in correct order. The IndexDefs-Structure is also properly filled.
But during runtime setting the IndexName property causes an error
(EDBEngineError: Table has no primary key), and the IndexDefs-Structure is
suddenly empty.

This strange behavior occures on one computer, on a second one all works
fine(all drivers, DLLs, and programs are of the same version). Reinstalling
all relevant files (incl. C++Builder) and a new version of the BDE(v. 5.1.1)
does not succeed.

Any ideas??