View Font, how ?


I'm creating a little font viewer for uninstalled TTF files,
but I don't know how to select the font for viewing.
I know:
- how to use addfontresource, removefontresource
- how to enumerate fonts
- how to get the family name and full name from the ttf file
These are the problems I have:
If I add a font resource, let's say antquai.ttf, the family name is
'Book Antiqua' and the fullname is 'Book Antiqua Italic'.
Now, how to select this font for e.g. a memo box ?
- I tried CreateFont with many settings default and selecting the
fullname for the typeface name. This doesn't always work because
I have to pre-specify bold and/or italic style for this function.
So if the ttf is an italic font it isn't showed as such, because
of the value of fdwItalic in CreatFont.
- I tried enumerating the fonts for the family and selecting the
last logical font (which should be the last font added). This
doesn't always work, because some fonts don't register them with
the family name specified in the ttf file. For example I have a
font 'Futura Light Italic BT'. The family is 'Futura', but when
added it registers as 'Futura Lt Bt', so no font is found when
Also, sometimes a font registers with the typeface in non-English,
e.g. 'Book Antiqua Vet' in stead of 'Book Antiqua Bold' (for my
Dutch Windows).

So I dont know how to select the font. Any ideas ?

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