Some obscure errors with BP 7.0


I would like to know whether these errors sound common to anyone on this list.
I checked the FAQ and some error lists but could not find much related info.

  I have a large windows program, which uses a lot of memory management. I
  bumped into the situation where 2 consecutive Getmem's reserved overlapping
  memory. I changed all code with MemAlloc's, which did not change the
  problem. Finally, using MemAllocSeg, the problem disappeared. Of course, I
  still do not sleep too wel :-(

  This same applications uses longints for primary keys. If you do things like
  li := li + 4, then everything tends to break in some situations. What
  happens, is that the (stupid) compiler casts the 4 to a 2 byte value, does
  the same with li, adds this 4 to the (low) integer li (which should be a
  longint)  and re-casts the result to a longint for li.

Both errors cost me a lot of work.
If people found similar behaviour, this may have to be added to the FAQ?

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