Creating System DSN for MS Access and/or Access database

        I have two things that I would like to do with Delphi 2 (I am
hopefully upgrading to 4 in the near future so help with that would be
appreciated to). The first thing is I would like to know how to create a
System DSN database for MS Access. I have an Access database that is accessed
via ASP and would like to have my program create the System DSN. WindowsNT is
the primary system it will be used on but Win95/98 would also be useful.
        The other thing I would like to do is actually create the database
using Delphi. How would I go about creating a new database, then adding tables
and configuring the tables from Delphi? The only thing I am worried about at
this time is creating tables, I don't need forms, queries, macros, etc..