Delphi 2.0 and Crystal Reports Version 5 (Regarding Sub-reports)

I am having a problem using Crystal Reports to generate reports.

I have a 32 bit app (compiled with Delphi 2.0) which uses  the UCRPE32
component to access CRPE32.DLL.

The specific report which I am trying to generate contains a couple of

The reports uses several Paradox databases

The problem which I am having is that when I set the directory for the
report (using the property 'DataFilesLocation') the crystal reports
engine does not recognize that the data file location has changed.

For example:

1) I create the report, with data location = d:\projects\COMP\APP\Data
2) Run the reports inside of 'Crystal Reports 5.0'.  Works fine
3) Run the report from Delphi app (using ucpe32).  In that app, I set
    the data directory to 'd:\projects\COMP\APP\Data'.  It works
4) Package and deliver to customer
5) In installation process, customer specifies data directory
    to be 'c:\APP\Data'.
6) When the Delphi App is run on customers machine the
    report engine is told that the new data directory is
    'c:\APP\Data'.  A blank window comes up when I
    execute the report, which usually contains '-1' pages
7) If I install Crystal Reports on the customer's system and
    try to bring up the report I see that the database directory is
    'd:\projects\COMP\APP\Data'.  If I try to set the data directory
    to 'c:\APP\Data', it appears to work,but when I run the report
    I get an 'Unable to find d:\projects\COMP\APP\Data\dbname'.

This is all very confusing to me, and I really don't know where else
to turn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If you respond please cc my
email acount (

Thank You,

Tom Bowden