Index of Beginning Pascal Tutorial Parts.

Index for TP tutorial parts, written by Glenn Grotzinger.
This is a tenative list, and is only finalized when ALL IPs are

Part 1: The basics.
Part 2: IF statements, FOR loops, and format codes.
Part 3: WHILE loops, REPEAT loops, CASE statements, string addressing.
Part 4: Procedures and Functions; TYPE and CONST declarations.
Part 5: Reading and Writing to Text Files; writing to the printer
Part 6: Arrays and their Usage; ASCII conversion functions
Part 7: Records and their usage; Mathematics Concepts of the Computer.
Part 8: DOS file functions and their usage. (Special Topic 1)
Part 9: Applications Development.
Part 10: Reading and Writing to Binary Files; Units and Overlays.
Part 11: Interfacing with a Common Format; or how is different
variables stored by Pascal in memory, and on disk files? (Special
Topic 2)
Part 12: Stacks; Queues
Part 13(IP): Use of Recursion; The System Unit commands not covered
Part 14(IP): The CRT Unit commands not already covered; Reading of
keys on the keyboard.
Part 15(IP): Two different designed array sorts: QuickSort and
Part 16(IP): Methods of searching arrays for data (binary search).
Part 17(IP): Use of Pointers in variables, and procedures; designing a

set exit procedure (exitproc). (Dynamic Variables)
Part 18(IP): Design and use of chained lists, or linked lists;
of other types of pointer-linked structures; the linked list sort.
Part 19(IP): Linking assembler into Pascal code; special topics.
Part 20(IP): BGI graphics; plotting graphics; analytical geometry.

Part 21 and on...Will probably cover concepts of Pascal OOP, and Turbo

I've pretty well got my ideas exhausted with topics to cover.  If
anyone has any other good ideas, please send them to  Also, the re-edit will begin, soon.

Any suggestions on how to improve this tutorial will be very much
welcome.  Answer these questions, perferably in your messages:

1) What did you think was the best things about the tutorial?

2) What did you think was the things that could be improved with the

3) Are there any more topics that could be covered?

Be sure to indicate the specific topics, and specific parts...

Glenn Grotzinger
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