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Delphi Internet Controls = MS Internet Controls?

I just went thru hassle of upgrading to 2.01. One of the
reasons for the upgrade was to try out the newly included
internet  controls. I was already using the Internet Control Pack
Beta 2 from Microsoft but it didn't do what I wanted.

After installing the upgrade, I ran it and tried the new Delphi
Internet controls.
Huh?  I was perplexed to find that they were exactly the same
as the Microsoft ones!   In fact, Delphi was using the very same MS
OCX files I had installed earlier.  

What's going on here?


Re:Delphi Internet Controls = MS Internet Controls?

> I am using MS ICP controls in J++ and ActiveX control pad
> will this be a problem if I use Delphi's?
> Alex

I've been using MS ICP for ActiveX myself, and haven't tried using Delphi's
But it should not cause a problem, as long as you uninstall MS ICP and
register new OCXs.

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