16-bit IDAPI error $2A06............

Hi all,

We have a 16-bit app at a client site (running on Win95 with a Win NT
server) that reports the IDAPI $2A06 error occasionally.  It only happens
after ther user has left the machine (with the app running) for a period of
time (usually an hour or more.)

I know that the error means "Engine not initialized"; however, the app runs
fine before the user leaves (usually for lunch!)   I thought that maybe the
network connection was timing out for some strange reason; however, the user
can see the network drives through Windows Explorer.

Anyone come across this before?  Is there some hidden setting in the 16-bit
BDE that "disconnects" itself from the database?  We are using dBase IV
tables for this particular app.  I did move the IDAPI files locally on
another machine (which DID fix the problem on that machine).  I would like
to know the real cause of the error before resolving to that for each
workstation, though.

Thanks for any help!
Marty Bohm