Newbie Question: Database Interactivity with an OLE Word Document Activated Inplace

Hi All,

I've only been programming in Delphi a couple of months so please bear
with me.

I'm using an OleContainer to activate a word document in place.  I
need to have some "interactivity" between the OleContainer and the
program's database.  I'm populating the TMainMenu with a list of items
from the database.  When the user is editing a Word document inside
the container, they make a selection from the list of items in the
menu and the item is inserted into the document (along with some other
data associated with the item).  I would like to allow the user to
select multiple items from the menu and then insert all the items at
once.  I'm using checkmarks for the selections, but the menu drops off
after each item is selected.  Does anyone know how to keep a menu up
after the user makes a selection?  I've tried using the Click method
to redisplay the menu, but it just causes the code behind the menu
item to be executed.

The TMainMenu was the only control I found that could get the focus
without deactivating the OleContainer.  If you know of any other
controls that could be used to perform this fuctionality without
deactivating the container, that would be ok too.

BTW, I'm using D3 under WinNT.

Thanks for the help.