How to search in Memos/Blobs using SQL ?!?

Hello All,

I'm working on a small program to receive info out of database
files. The standard Delphi 2.0 Paradox Tables.

I'm using SQL queries to receive data and it all works fine, I can
search in fields using SELECT companyname FROM comptable
WHERE compaddress like '%blab%'.
It works fine and returns all companies with blab in their address.

But.. Now I'm trying to receive only the companies who have certain
keywords in a memo field.

F.e. I have a memo field which describes the work the company is doing,
it's larger than 255 chrs so no string for it. F.e. it says:
'Company is making product for medical purposes such as... etc.'

Now I want to receive this company when I f.e. search for it with
keyword 'medical'.

So my question is, is anyone out there who does have a solution ?
Maybe a way in creating a temp. result query and then searching throught
each memo field.. well.. would be too slow I guess and I don't know how
to do so..

Thanks in Advance, Bye,

Pim van Mun

P.S. Please mail your reply, or both since I don't check the newsgroup
that often. TIA