Access Violation Error

Anybody can tell me what function could generate the following error while
using a TBatchMove component. This is what I was trying to do:

1- Pull data out of the source database using the TBatchMove -- Copy into
empty temporary tables.
2- perform the edit on the data in the temporary tables.
3- User press ok on the dialog box.
4- Delete detail records, followed by 1 master record in the source
master-detail database
5- Use the TBatchmove component to "AppendUpdate" to return a "edited"
version of the Deleted master-detail record that were sitting in temporary

Access violation @0x4be44079;Read of address 0x388b5708 83 3A 00 74 63 E8 39
10 00 00 64 8B

The edited records made it to the database... so the crash happened just

Usually my system freeze up, but this time I receive this error message.
This is also an intermittent problem, so I kind of suspect a memory
allocation problem.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.