Operating System Network Error (Please, help!!)


I builded a system by Delphi 1.0 in WFW 3.11, that deal with databases
in  dBase format. The system is compounded by the Databases Manager
Program, that is installed in the host and in some workstations(the
network is the WFW 3.11, by sharing directories), and the databases(28
databases), that are installed only in the host. The average size of the
databases is 3Mb, and eache database has got a .NDX file.
The workstations have got in their disks the IDAPI file, that allows
them to access the databases contained in the host. These databases are
in a shared directory with read-only permission access. There's an alias
in the workstation that contains the path of this directory.

I installed Windows 95 in the host, so the workstations don't get the
access to the host, because appears a Message "Operating System Network
error using Alias CEPMT". I don't know how to solve this problem. The
system in the host is still running ok, accessing databases.

Somebody already see that yet??? Please, help me!!!

Robson SA.