S.O.S. :: Portes needed

I am looking for experienced Delphi programmers willing to join the
EFLIB team and (togehter with some other Delphi programmers) create a
new release of EFLIB for Delphi.

Contact me!

If this sounds interesting, please feel free to contact me and give me
opinions. I also encourage you to browse to the following URLs to learn
little more about EFLIB and the ideas behind the project:

  - http://www.ts.umu.se/~jola/EFLIB/Features/News/
    Newest happenings in EFLIB.
  - http://www.ts.umu.se/~jola/EFLIB/Features/Cool/
    Coolest things in EFLIB.
  - http://www.ts.umu.se/~jola/EFLIB/Manual/Guide/
    The User's Guide for prototype 5.
  - http://www.ts.umu.se/~jola/EFLIB/Developers/
    Platform ports, friendly environments, etc.
  - http://www.ts.umu.se/~jola/EFLIB/Users/
    Mailing list, etc.

The framework is called EFLIB. It is free --- or rather, the
release 3 will be free and include the full source code. The only
protection is a license agreement (EFLIB General License that will
you a lot of the well-known GNU GP License). EFLIB is however not free
commercial use. Companies must register and pay for their use.

Porters can choice from 1) releasing the port completely free and
all commercial use of the port -- source code must be free, 2) release
and allow companies to buy the ported software, some % goes to me.

Therefore, there might be money into the project, though the primary
is to create a standardized framework for every Pascal programmer.

Best Regards,

Johan Larsson
E-MAIL  j...@ts.umu.se
HOME    http://www.ts.umu.se/~jola/

PS. I do not read news.

  REMEMBER to check out  http://www.ts.umu.se/EFLIB/
  for a free application framework - SIMPLY SOPHISTICATED.