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BDE Error 9987 <invalid file name>


I have a problem with databases and I really would like somebody to help

me. I installed Delphi 2.0 on my computer. Here I will tell you what I
have done.

I made a new alias with help of the BDE configuration utility.

Name: DeskData
Type: Standard

I add the pathname: c:\Mijn documenten\Desk
My default driver becomes: DBase
Enable BCD: False

Now I start the database explorer from Delphi. I can see clearly my new
database named 'DeskData'. When I click it all parameters are Ok. I
click the item <Tables> and I can see the *.dbf file that I already had
put in the path before.

When I click the table I can see its parameters like type, date, time,
version, etc. When I double click however, a Database Engine Error
pops-up <Invalid file name>. When I click for details I can see DBE
error 9987 ([$27][$3]).

The examples delivered with Delphi are giving the same error. Except for

examples that use the IBLOCAL alias (name of one of these examples is:

The strange thing is that about one year ago I also made an alias. I
used the same Standard type en also the same default driver DBase. This
alias is working perfectly.

Can somebody please tell me what I did wrong or what I forgot.



Re:BDE Error 9987 <invalid file name>

It sounds like you are using FAT32 on your computer with a version of the
BDE that does not support it. Download the latest BDE update from and your problem should disappear.



Bill Todd - TeamB
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 for any other reason remove nospam from my address.)

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