Wise Installation and the BDE

Hi all,

I'm trying to use Wise 5.0f to install a Delphi 1.0 product that uses the
BDE (16-bit of course).
I had no joy from glbs tech support (its a problem with the BDE

Problem: BDE Installation Error: Cannot merge ~W23434.TMP file and

I have tracked the problem down to the fact that there is a ODAPI.CFG file
in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM. The problem seems to be that when there is an
IDAPI.CFG or ODAPI.CFG in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory the BDE Configure
variables are set as follows:

Config Dir: C:\WIND                     [should be C:\IDAPI]
Config file: IDAPI.CFG                  [OK]
BDE DLL Dir: C:\IDAPI                   [OK]

If I remove C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ODAPI.CFG the installation succeeds.

If I move ODAPI.CFG to some other directory in my path eg. C:\BIN I get the
Existing: C:\BIN\ODAPI.CFG              [OK]
Config Dir: C:\IDAPI                    [OK]
Config file: IDAPI.CFG                  [OK]
BDE DLL Dir: C:\IDAPI                   [OK]
And the installation suceeds.

Also moving ODAPI.CFG to C:\WINDOWS I get:
Existing: C:\WINDOWS                    [Should be C:\WINDOWS\ODAPI.CFG]
Config Dir: C:\IDAPI                    [OK]
Config File: IDAPI.CFG                  [OK]
BDE DLL: C:\IDAPI                       [OK]
And the is a merge error as above.

What's so special about C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and C:\WINDOWS???

Hopefully somebody has come across this problem before.

Wayne Schou
New Zealand Forest Research Institute