Need help with 16-bit BDE


I started using Delphi shortly after 1.0 was released.  The original Delphi
installed version 2.50 of the BDE.  Later, Borland released version 2.51 of
the BDE which we promptly downloaded and started using.  I don't know when
it happened or how it happened, but we started releasing our product with
the version 2.50 IDAPI.CFG and the version 2.51 DLL's.  Our program has
gone through many incarnations since we made this mistake and has grown so
large that it will no longer work using the 2.50 IDAPI.CFG.  The 2.51 cfg
file contains 3 more options on the System tab (MAXFILEHANDLES, AUTO ODBC,
DEFAULT DRIVER).  Is there a safe, programmatic way to add these options to
the CFG file?

Mark Reaux