Saving BLOB's to file

Have a problem which has been bothering me for some time now, is there anyone in
this knowledgable Delphi community who can point me in a direction that will
'make my day' ?

Using D3 and MSACCESS to store file informating in a BLOB field. Files can be
plain TXT or any binary format.
This code

        Q.SQL.Add('SELECT * From DocText where DocRecNo=22');
        (Q.FieldByname('Text') as TBlobField).SaveToFile(FileName);

works fine with TXT files, but when I'm trying to extract a binary file (like a
Word 7.0 DOC file), it makes the file larger than the original file and Word (if
it's a DOC) refuses to open the file. Haven't tried to analyze the difference
yet, but my guess is that EOF is added to the end of the file (??). But the size
difference is more than 1.

Lars G ?rne
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