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QuickReport 2.0J, Delphi1 and Preview.Canvas

Hello fellow citzens,

I have a problem using the TQRPrinter with my Delphi 1.02.

I only use the global QRPrinter variable because I don't need BDE.

If I try to get the TextWidth/TextHeigt of a string with
QRPrinter.Canvas.TextHeight('H') the result is 0 all the time. The FAQ
at QuSoft says: "This is correct with Delphi 1 because of the underlying
TMetafile. The 16bit version of metafiles don't have a correct result
for TextHeight/TextWidth. This is fixed in D2 and D3. "

Thats pretty uncool. Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

Is there a better documentation for TQRPrinter and TQRPreview? I found
almost nothing about the properties and methods in the Word-Doc
delivered with QuickReport. Or do I have to inspect the > 5000 lines of
code in qrprntr.pas myself?

Please answer via email, too.

        Holger Sesterhenn


Re:QuickReport 2.0J, Delphi1 and Preview.Canvas

Are you trying to find the TextWidth from the Printer Canvas or the Preview

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