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the difference between //server/path/*.gdb and server:path/*.gdb

hello team:
           If the database server belong to a domain the TIBdatabase
component attribute of databasename's format must be:
but if the database server do not belong to a domain ,the format above can
not work,the format must be written as 'myserver:c:/temp/work.gdb'
,Anyone can tell me what's the difference between of them?



Re:the difference between //server/path/*.gdb and server:path/*.gdb

cash wrote:
> hello team

i am not a part of IB team nor TeamB. neither i am an actor, nor a star. but
if you don't mind, i would try to answer. :)

interbase support several connection mode (TCP/IP, NETBEUI, NOVELL/IPX
(IB4.X)), what connection mode used is indicated by how you specify
connection format.

'//myserver/c:/temp/work.gdb', IB will use NETBEUI,
'myserver:c:/temp/work.gdb', will use TCP/IP
'myserver@temp/work.gdb', will use NOVEL(IPX)

with IB6 or later, you can use the first two depending on your local network
configuration, but most people found TCP/IP will let you get a better


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