Making an application international

5 months ago I took over the maintenance responsibility for a large
application in Delphi. Now I need to make the application international.
The supported languages are West European, but Japaneese will be
an issue in the future.

The application was not written with internationalisation in mind.
Strings are scattered all around. Everything is 8 bit ASCII. It's a mess.

My environment is Delphi 5/professional. The supported
platforms will be win-98/2k and ME.

I have been looking at Delphi's support for internationalisation.
There seems to be different possiblities like
- putting strings in the beginning of a function and declaring it
as resourcestring. You can then use the internationalisation tool
to collect all strings into one file.
- Possibly moving all texts(messages etc.) to a  globally visible place e.g.
global.pas and translating
the file.
- Nummbers and dates will (probably) not be a problem.
- The application is also using MS-access with MDAC-v2.6
  Anybody with experience of internationalising an application
  based on jet/access? problems/recommendations/advice?

Anybody with experince of the internationalisation using Borlands tools?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Niclas Granqvist