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need workaround for Delphi 6 updown control bug

Can someone please tell me of a bug in Delphi 6 with the latest patch?
this bug involves the UpDown control.
I associated it with an edit box and it all works fine, except that
sometimes during the UpDown click event I want to change the updown
control's position property, like if a value as compaired to another value
is the same and the value cannot be left to be the same as the other value,
and these values are in the middle of the range I need for the control. If
this happens I change the position property to avoid this conflict.
All fine so far, except that the act of changing the position property while
inside the control's click event causes a situation whereby the next click
on that control (manual mouse click) does NOT involke its click procedure
but the control otherwise behaves normally. Seeing as how I need to catch
the click procedure every time, and I expect the handler to be called every
time the mouse gets clicked over that control, we have a problem. Can anyone
suggest a workaround, or a way to change the Position property while inside
the click procedure?
The thing is, the actual execution of the click procedure where this change
takes place works 100% fine. It is the NEXT time that I click the control
AFTER this procedure has run that it does not get called.


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Re:need workaround for Delphi 6 updown control bug

Just a suggestion

Instead of using TUpDown OnClick event try using TEdit OnChange event.


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