Reference counting in ole objects

I am creating a single instance ole server in Delphi 3.0 through which
several of my other applications can have access to common information
and also can share the functionality. I developed a automation object and
am instantiating the same with the create method of the class. I am also
initializing a few variables in the initialize method which overrides the
base initialize.

When I call any of the methods of the server and try to access the
reference count, it always shows multiples of 2.The refcount is always 2
for the first time eventhough I am creating the interface only once. I
cannot see any other instanciation other than of the Tautoobjectfactory
and application.initialize. I am wondering if the increment of refcount
has any thing to do with these methods.Is it possible that my com obj is
created everytime rather than adding a reference to the existing object.

I would appreciate anybody's responce to this message.

Thank you for your time,


Sheetal Vyas.

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