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Fastcode FillChar B&V 1.6.2

2006-08-25 07:04:35 PM
This function is not aligned properly
FillChar_PLR_MMX_1_a C Passed
FillChar_PLR_MMX_1_b C Passed
FillChar_PLR_MMX_1_c C Passed
FillChar_PLR_MMX_1_d C Passed
and this one
FillChar_CJG_Pas_5_a C Passed
FillChar_CJG_Pas_5_b C Passed
FillChar_CJG_Pas_5_c C Passed
FillChar_CJG_Pas_5_d C Passed
and this one
FillChar_DKC_MMX_12_a 4 Passed
FillChar_DKC_MMX_12_b 4 Passed
FillChar_DKC_MMX_12_c 4 Passed
FillChar_DKC_MMX_12_d 4 Passed
This one is not included in all 4 versions (my own mistake)
FillChar_DKC_Pas_24 C Passed
Best regards
Dennis Kjaer Christensen

Re:Fastcode FillChar B&V 1.6.2

Hi Dennis,
I fixed those alignment issues, 1.6.3 is in Yahoo.