What does comp write on network

Hi all,

I created a (dbf-)table at run-time ('NewTable'),
do a batchmove.execute(append) to append datas
(SQL query from a SOURCE (dbf-)file) to the new
generated (empty) table.

Now the problem:
I get an exception like ('Error on network oper.system'),
when I do the batchmove.Execute.
I like to get the SOURCE file (open.dialog) from a network drive,
that is WRITE PROTECTED (Win95 on both computers).
This error occurs, although the source file is only read
from the network drive( and there's NOTHING written on the
network drive where the source file is on).

If I change the network drive's property to 'read/write' all
works well. But this makes no sense to me and it shouldn't
be that way.

I don't know what the program tries to write on the network

Maybe someone can help me.
Thanks in advance.