ODBC invalid bitmap image error (BLOB > 32K)

Sorry for the crosspost in the ngs. but I have to find a solution before
a deadline.

I would like to put bitmaps in a Sybase DB (SQL Anywhere Studio 6.03)
using blob-fields and a Delphi4 application. Everything works fine with
bitmaps smaller than 32K.

In the previous version of the application I got an invalid blob-size
error when I tried to load a bitmap bigger than 32K but I did some
research (WWW). I solved that problem by increasing the blob-size in the
ODBC-source of the DB and in the TQuery part of the application I set
the RequestLive property to true. Since these changes I never get an
error when inserting bitmaps bigger than 32K.

The error comes up after having inserted the bitmap when I try to read
the BLOB-field which contains the bitmap: 'bitmap image error'. The
bitmap is assigned using the instruction:

What am I overlooking ? Should I use a stream to load the bitmap ? I
have no experience with streams so if that is the solution some sample
code would be appreciated.

Any help or suggestion is welcome !

Dirk Vanderbist