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Remote DataModule (DCOM) "Provider is not exported"?

2004-07-09 05:26:17 PM
Hi all,
I have written a three-tier database application system (IB server,
DCOM-server as middle tier, client application with client data sets with
Delphi 7) which works very well.
The server consists of one rather simple remote data module with a
TIBDatabase, some IBQueries plus a provider for each query.
Now I have to add a new query plus provider to the server. Everything seems
fine, server is running and in the Delphi IDE I can see the new provider
(with all field names and params) when I set the ProviderName to the new
client data set.
However, when I want to get data from the new provider I get an exception
once I try to open the clientdataset. Error message ist "provider is not
Of course I have set the provider.exported := true in the remote data
module, and I also tried to unregister the old version of the DCOMserver
with tregsvr.exe.
Is there any thing I might have forgotten, in the server or in the client?
Thanks for any comments!

Re:Remote DataModule (DCOM) "Provider is not exported"?

Hi all,
some additional things I tried today:
If I use the same CDS (with the new provider) an put a TDataSource and e.g.
a TDBGrid to it, then I can see data both in IDE and in the compiled app, no
exception occurrs. But only as long as I have the in the
Object inspector.
If I set the to false and then try to activate at run time, the
exception comes.
Regards, Bernhard