Async Fax and Windows 2003

2006-01-30 07:07:39 PM
Hi -
Having problems in implementing a fax service using Async fax
components. I can crate an application that acts as a fax server -
this performs well and as expected. When trying to re-write the app as
a Windows service however - I get some very strange behaviour.
Fax 1 is sent to server and processed... (sent)
Fax 2 is sent to server and processed (sent)
Fax 3 is sent to server and allegedly processed (the server log says
that it has been set - but this is not actually the case)
Fax 4 is sent to server and processed (actually sends fax 3 instead!)
Its as if the last fax sent to server is not sent and remains in
memory. When a new fax is recieved to be processed - it actually sends
the one held in memory (to the wrong number!)
Anyway, I know this is a bit obscure - and this is perhaps not the
right newsgroup for this question - but the official newsgroups for
these components are pretty much dead - and I am desperate.)
So would really appreciate hearing from anyone with similar
experiences, or any help (at all.)
Many thanks..
OS : Windows XP Service Pack 2
Delphi : 2005 Service Pack 3 Installed
CPU : AMD 3500+