Figured it out

2005-07-24 06:12:23 AM
It was an issued with the info power grid.
"John Ullom" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes:

Hi All,

I create some Client Datasets at runtime.

I add a couple of fields inclunding the this one as I create them.

with TStringField.Create(Self) do
Name := NewDataSet.Name + 'ItemLookUp';
FieldKind := fkLookUp;
FieldName := 'ItemLookUp';
LookUpDataSet := DKDM.acdsLookupItem;
Required := False;
LookUpKeyFields := 'ItemLookUpCode';
LookUpResultField := 'ItemDescription; UnitPrice';
ReadOnly := False;
DisplayWidth := 25;
Size := 50;
Visible := True;
DisplayLabel := 'Item Look Up';

The other fields I create show up it the grid but no matter what I try, I can not get the Look Up Field to show up in my grid. I am using InfoPower 4000 grid but that shouldn't matter. Is there any other property I should be setting to get this Look Up Field to show up in my grid?

Enjoy the weekend,