Delphi 2.0 on Winframe 1.6 (Windows NT 3.51)

Hello everyone!

I am not sure is this newsgroup is appropriate for my question... if
it's not and someone has a better reference to suggest, please let know.

Here it goes:

Can Delphi 2.0 be installed on a Citrix WinFrame 1.6 server? We have a
trial version of this operating system for a limited time and I tried to
install Delphi 2.0 on it to see if it was working but it does seem to be
the case.

WinFrame is a modified version of Windows NT 3.51.  As an alternative
question, can Delphi 2.0 be installed on NT 3.51?

The error I keep getting is "SEVERE" in the title bar of the messagebox
and "C:Winframe\System32\VSPELL32.OCX-51" as the error message.

Was does the -51 means after VSPELL.OCX?

Thanks in advance,

Eric Lepage