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16 Bit BDE & Win XP

2004-02-05 03:28:46 PM
16 Bit apps can't be installed of windows Xp ??
My client want to have his 8 year old app on new comp. with XP.(Created with
delphi 1 & Crystall Runtime 16 Bit ).
But even the BDE can't be installed.No errors of ??.(same with Crystall
Runtime 16 bit).
I've installed his Win Xp on (other)blank computer + 16 Bit apps - OK.
His comp (Reinstalled and formated disk) win Xp + 16 Bit ( nothing happens)
and I still can not locate the problem.(Graphics Card is shared on Board ??)
LP Mirko

Re:16 Bit BDE & Win XP

I've reinstalled the Windows XP (Format - Fdisk) .
I've installed same version as the workong comp. same CD !!!
only noticable difference is incorporated graphic card (with shared memory )
on non-working comp.
Everything else is identical and installation was made on several others Xp
So I think it has to be something with hardware not supporting 16 Bit
applications and not allowing them to be installed.
"Bill Todd (TeamB)" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes
Are you saying that there is no error message when you install the BDE
and no error message when you try to run the app?

Are you logged on as Administrator when you install both the BDE and
the app?

What directories are the BDE and the App installed in?

If it works on one XP machine and not on another you need to look at
the differences between the machines.

Bill (TeamB)
(TeamB cannot respond to questions received via email)