Request for wikipedia OPF

2005-11-03 01:04:29 AM
Hello OPF experts,
In an earlier thread I asked where the One Stop Shopping place was for
OPF and was told there really isn't one. This is unfortunate. I think it
would help the adoption of the practice if the information concerning it
were more readily available. As it is now, someone has to hunt down
various pieces, and then ask questions here. No doubt, the OPF'ers on
this forum find themselves answering the same questions over and over again.
I'm requesting that a OPF article be created on Wikipedia. Ideally this
would cover the following:
1. The common framework that the different flavors share.
2. A definition and explanation of the different layers.
3. Examples of each layer with explanations.
4. Anything else that someone feels is relevant. :)
I know this isn't a small task and doing so would represent a large
commitment for anyone involved. However, you would be performing a great
service for the Delphi community and software engineers in general.
I'll do what I can, but at this point all I can contribute are questions ;)