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TQRExpr issue

2006-08-23 12:45:50 AM
 I have a QReport that is dataset driven. it is fairly simple, a group
band, a detail band, and a group footer band. It lists invoices per
person. So the group band lists a person/comany. Next, the detail band
lists all the invoices using TQRExpr, and TQRDBText, and finally when
the group expression changes the group footer band prints and lists
In this group footer band I have a TQRExpr. It has an EXPRESSION
property that I have set to 'SUM(INVOICE_TOTAL)'. It has a property
called 'ResetAfterPrint' that I have set to True. This makes a summary
of the report quite easy to do. The expression maintains all needed
values and increments as the report prints, and then it resets as needed
after the group breaks.
Now for my issue. I want to stop printing the detail band to have a
summary type version of the report. I simple added a line 'PrintBand :=
False;' to the BeforePrint band of the detail area. The problem is that
now the TQRExpr value never gets set. The totals are always 0. To me,
the report should still iterate through the entire dataset. Why does
the expression value stay 0? Any way around this?
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Re:TQRExpr issue

before someone smarter than me pipes in, I believe what I used to do for
situations like that was to do a sort of kludge: make the detail band
height = 0, but let it still print, so the other stuff continues to
work. Also, you can mess around with the font.color property, and set it
to clWhite when you don't want to see stuff.
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