delphi 8 Upgrade 2 with turkish regional settings of windows XP

2004-04-11 03:32:22 PM
I have installed Delphi 8 upgrade 2
I still have some (big for me) bugs. Now "Windows Forms" applications can be
open and run correctly. But I use VCL application and VCL aplication is
still buggy.
My "Windows XP Pro" regional settings is Turkish. And VCL application show
same error When I click a component's editor dialog button (like "..."
button of TMemo.lines on the object inspector window).
I am very sorry that upgrade 2 does not fix this problem.
When I use delphi 8, I have to switch regional settings to english. When I
close delphi 8, I have to switch to Turkish again :(
can I expect a new upgrade for this problem in near time?
"Leo Saguisag (Borland)" <lsaguisag_at_nospam_dot_borland_dot_com>, iletide
žunu yazd?news:403d34fb$XXXX@XXXXX.COM...
>my delphi 8 was working wrong. windows forms aplications was not
>vcl components was not able to show editor dialogs like lines editor of
>i understand that the problem is my turkish regional settings of windows
>if i set the settings to english, there is no error
>what is this? i can not be happening. my beloved delphi can't do this to
>I want to use my own language settings in windows XP and i want to use
>delphi 8.
>how can it happen in Delphi 8 while it does not happen in D7
>are there a explain or patch from borland

Because in transitioning from Delphi 7 to Delphi 8 we re-wrote portions of
the IDE and in the process we broke it. Introducing bugs is a danger any
time the codebase is modified.

FWIW, we are aware of the issue and we are working to get this fixed in a
timely manner.