Please, give sanity back to my blue dots

2004-05-18 10:46:12 PM
"John Kaster (Borland)" writes

>How can be the 7.1 update have dcu and pas file outsync???

My understanding is that one of the files is not being delivered.

Yes, it is true, System.pas is not delivered.
And it not just another little annoyance,
like ProjectManager sorting or
CodeCompletion jumping over items,
this is real show stopper for development.
My work on text file device driver was
not actual at the time of the patch,
but today I had to revisit it, and it is hopeless.
I simply can not work with 7.1 on it.
Stepping through comment lines
can be fun for first few minutes,
but I am long past that time now.
This is really frustrating. Believe you me.
Please, can you simply upload that file to
Delphi Developers area, or at least unofficially
to code central. There is no point waiting
for Q&A to do whatever they are doing
right now, since it cant be any worse than
it is right now.
If there is hope for file that this week,
I can wait with rollback of my installation.
btw, will Delphi 9 for Win32 have old style
(stack and heap capable) objects enabled?