Problem connecting to ReportSmith 2.5


I have a problem connecting the RS_RUN to my delphi 1.0 app, using Paradox 5.0
tables on my Cli?nts computer.

In my application, trying to run a report, I get the errormessage 'PARADOX not
found' and the dialogbox where I can choose a new connection.
In this list of available drivers, the paradox IDAPI-driver isn't listed.

 When I start RS_RUN without having my Delphi app running, all goes well. The
reports print as they should. Having one report open and then starting the
Delphi-app, I got a EDatabase-error which says: 'Error attempting tot initialise

With my delhi-app running, minimizing and trying to open a report in RS_RUN,
I got the error: 'PARADOX not found'. It seems this  BDE cann't have two Paradox
connections at the same time.

What am I doing wrong. At the office pc and on my notebook, all works fine and I
used the same settings in every dialogbox. This problem is driving me crazy !!

Thanks in advance for your help,

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