Field Values Required TclientdataSet

2003-11-17 04:37:07 AM
Im having a major problem. Everytime i try to insert a record into my
tclientdataset I get the error message 'field values required' when I
do a post, but I cant find which field is causing the problem. All
the fields have values!! Except for those I dont want to (i.e joined
fields) . Its driving me nuts so any help would be appreciated.... I
traced the code to a midas dll but the actual rtn which is giving the
error is in some dll somewhere and I cant track it.
I have even generated my own sql from the fields in the tclientdataset
at post time to see if I could insert a record into my db from it (by
sending it to the server in another way) and I could...I am completely
stuck right now with the post so im using my workaround....