Top urgent!!! DDE Delphi/ReportSmith

Hello Delphi specialists

I develope a Delphi application and use the ReportSmith to calculate and
print out reports.

My intention is as following:
In a loop I like to calculate 0..n variable couples, send the variables by
DDE to the ReportSmith, start the ReportSmith runtime and printout the
reports for all variable couples.

With the DDE I have following problems:
In my loop I can start the ReportSmith only three times. After three times
the connection between my application and the ReportSmith seems to
be closed. After this situation I have to stop and start again my application
for printing further reports by ReportSmith. Below you will find my implementation
in short form.

   VeranNr : string;
   VeranVer : string;
    VeranNr   := Table1.FieldByName('VeranNr').AsString;
    VeranVer  := Table1.FieldByName('VeranVer').AsString;
    Report1.InitialValues.Add('@VeranNummer = <' + VeranNr + '>');
    Report1.InitialValues.Add('@VeranVerein = <' + VeranVer + '>');
  Until Table1.Eof;

If you know where the problem could be please let me know by E-Mail.
Thank you very much for every hint in case of this matter.


Kurt Elmiger from Switzerland    
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