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Closed DataSet

2007-11-23 07:32:41 PM
I've got two programs using the same database file. They do not do that
simuntanuesly. The file is a dbase format. And some BDE, Borland Database
Engine, are LANGDRIVER = ascii Ansi, Level = 4.
if I use application A, only, and A again it goes ok
if I use application A and then B then it goes ok.
if I use application B, only, and B again it goes ok
but if I use B and then A on the same dbf file it goes wrong.
In the latter case that goes wrong, I get a closed dataset message, on an
Append statement.
When I then look at was is changed in the dbf file, it seems A does not want
to go on, if the second byte has a value of 07. Application B does not seem
to mind that. If I change that bit with a hex editor to 6B, Application A
goes running smoothly again.
Hence any idea what this bit is indicating? It probably indicates the
dataset is closed, or locked, or used? But I seem to shut off everything
finishing 'B', so what the hell has it corrupted?
Sjors W Boes

Re:Closed DataSet

"sjors" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>wrote
Sjors W Boes
Mwa, solved it, there was something wrong with my BDE setting, they were not
ansi ascii, like in the manual and probably like App A had to work.