D7 installation changing Command.com path

2005-09-30 10:33:12 PM
installing Delphi7 changed my command.com environment path variable. The
path to two delphi7 directories was inserted in the beginning of these
variable while pathes to other directories were lost including the path to
c:\windows. This is what is left:
The variable is truncated after approximately 120 characters. Do anyone know
how to handle this. I think my path had more characters before installing
D7, but I am not sure.
I have the following ComSpec setting in System Propetties/Environment
Variables: ComSpec = %SystemRoot%\system32\cmd.exe /e:32768
Also the cmd.exe path has been changed. Path to Delphi 7 is also inserted
there, but that variable is appr. 400 character long and all my old pathes
are still there.
I need to use the command.com command interpreater to run certain old dos
Any idea how to solve this problem with the disappeared command.com path?