QR reporting in columns

2005-01-11 02:48:27 AM
Hi all,
I am currently trying to create a report to display the results of analysis
on samples for each customer. It is structured as this:
One customer can have many samples
Each sample can have many analysis
Due to all the info I need for each sample in the report I'd like to
print it i columns like below:
Address etc.
1: Drinking water, chlorinated, bla bla etc...
2: Beer, well tasting Norwegian bitter
3: Pool water, dirty as hell
4: Another sample
5: Last one for this table, move to next
Results of analysis:
Sample: 1 2 3 4 5
Particles 0 5 1 2 7
Smell 1 6 2 2 5
Taste 3 2 1 2 1
6: Some other sample
7: This too
8: And this
Results of analysis:
Sample: 6 7 8
Particles 0 5 1
Smell 1 6 2
Taste 3 2 1
I am not interrested in totals or anything, just the results of the analysis
for each sample. Tried using Cross-tab with little luck...
I have created a nice report for reporting in rows, but when it is many
samples, it takes a whole rain forest to print... That report is grouped on
customer+sample, and the analysis are listed in detail section.
Any advice?
Best regards,
Roy Markussen