TImage Mousemoves cause Canvas does not allow drawing error -- Help me, I'll pay you

I really need to solve this problem I have, and I will mail a $100
check to anyone who can help me solve it before Monday, August 9 (at
which point I'm going to have the bite the bullet and call Borland).

I have a main Form with no border and a bunch of TImages on the form.
There is one main image, and I'm capturing MouseMove messages to show
and hide other TImages on top of the main TImage.

Picture it like a website image with OnMouseOver javascript events.

In order to do this, I'm only running the processing of images if the
mouse has moved more than 5 x and 5 y away from the last processing of
the image.  I'm also "locking" the procedure by setting the Tag
property of the image to 1 while I'm processing the mousemove (and I
check this value and exit out if it's 1)...

But still, on one win98 computer, if I run my mouse back and forth and
back and forth across the screen, I eventually get a "Canvas Does Not
Allow Drawing" in an error box, and if I close the box and go over the
form again, the message pops up again.

I actually have to restart the machine to get it working correctly
after that.

I tried replacing the comctl32.dll on the machine with one on my
machine (my machine does not generate the error), and it still happens.


Joe Masters

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