Help:Calling Delphi 1.0 DLL from BC++ locks up

Quote (Adam Johnston) wrote:
>They appear to work fine, everything compiles and links.  The first
>time program runs, all DLL calls work fine.  Second time I run the
>program Windows locks the whole PC and I have to reboot (hard).  
>There is probably something really simple that I should be doing here
>that I am missing.  Has anyone else experienced these problems and/or
>know of a fix.  Manually loading DLLs, getting proc addresses and
>executing the procs and unloading the DLLs is a real pain in the butt.

Are your calling CallExitProcs from within your DLL, before it is
Released?  Check out the example on using the BDE in a DLL.  It should
be in the Delphi demos directory.

Good Luck,

Iman L. Crawford

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