MS SQL Server vs Delphi (Connection Active)

I want to know, if someone said that the problem of the "active
connection"* is corrected in Delphi 3.0.  Because i want to know if it's
a good idea to buy it!

*I find a "bug" in Delphi 2.0 with database connection with Ms SQL
Server, I create a DataBase component and my Table component are linked
on it and i do sp_who command in Ms ISQL to see my active connection
with Ms SQL Server DataBase and I remark that i have for each component
(database, table, Querry,...) an active connection, like if i have 6
table coponent linked to a database component when i run the programme i
see 7 active connection (with sp_who command in ISQL).

if you know a pacth for that bug please write me!


Eric Beaulieu

CSA Recherche Ltee
doing business as
"SILVERRUN Technologies Inc."