BP 7.0 vs VB vs Delphi

Hi, can anyone answer my question ?

I've been using Visual Basic for few months to learn Windows
programming. But I was bothered by limitations (pseudo-code,
one-appearance objects without VBX, no access to memory, and so on.).

Now, needing a more powerful langage, I use Borland Pascal 7.0. It
helps me do quite everything (modifying icons, cursors, buttons,
lists, full messages control, using all Windows 3.x features and
adding some more we can find in commercial products).

Moving from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 in few months, I wonder if I wil
still be able to run Borland Pascal 7.0 under this operating system.
First question : are W 95 and BP 7.0 compatible ?

But my main question is (forgive possible errors describing Delphi) :
I also look to move from BP 7.0 to Delphi 2.0 (or 3.0). Is Delphi as
powerful as BP 7.0 despite its VB-like way of creating applications
(visual programming) ? I guess that everything possible with BP is
possible with Delphi but I want to be sure of that and need some help.

If anybody can tell me about Delphi, thanks a lot in advance.